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And this is why I use a flip phone…


My friend Robina told me yesterday that she hates her new washing machine, and gets anxious when she has to use it. I told her I have seen the new machines and used them at a friend’s house, and I knew exactly what she meant. Too many blinking lights, choices, sounds. Were these designed for the pinball generation? Methinks not, despite the multi-sensory entertainment they provide. I still have the “old” oven set; 2 electric wall ovens, non-electronic. Manual dials. So easy to use! No pressing and beeping, no fumbling, no cursing. Same reason I am using a flip phone, by choice. I have 2 smart phones for other purposes. But (every day) when I need a phone that is simple, not easily breakable, that does the job well, that’s frugal and easily replaceable if lost, well that is why I carry a flip phone. Low tech solutions can be better!


Like things the way they used to be?

As Twifties, we spent over 2/3 of our lives writing with pen and paper. It is efficient! I have created a pad and pen set that is compact, fun, portable and will help you have your notes handy where and when you need them. I pitched it in the HSN new invention contest, and now I am selling it on Twifties.Gifts. You can see my 2 minute video pitch for the Twifties Idea Deck here.