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And this is why I use a flip phone…


My friend Robina told me yesterday that she hates her new washing machine, and gets anxious when she has to use it. I told her I have seen the new machines and used them at a friend’s house, and I knew exactly what she meant. Too many blinking lights, choices, sounds. Were these designed for the pinball generation? Methinks not, despite the multi-sensory entertainment they provide. I still have the “old” oven set; 2 electric wall ovens, non-electronic. Manual dials. So easy to use! No pressing and beeping, no fumbling, no cursing. Same reason I am using a flip phone, by choice. I have 2 smart phones for other purposes. But (every day) when I need a phone that is simple, not easily breakable, that does the job well, that’s frugal and easily replaceable if lost, well that is why I carry a flip phone. Low tech solutions can be better!


Like things the way they used to be?

As Twifties, we spent over 2/3 of our lives writing with pen and paper. It is efficient! I have created a pad and pen set that is compact, fun, portable and will help you have your notes handy where and when you need them. I pitched it in the HSN new invention contest, and now I am selling it on Twifties.Gifts. You can see my 2 minute video pitch for the Twifties Idea Deck here.

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Twifties Universe

A Win-Win Situation

I am finally starting my blog in Earnest. Whoops, was thinking of Ernest Hemingway, whose adopted home I just visited again and fell in love with again. You’ll be hearing lots more about that. This is the format I am adopting for now, with my new Twifties.Gifts Blog, that you are reading. I have ruminated for years on what my format will be for this blog, and ultimately, I am going to make it a blog that is fun for me to write, and hopefully fun for you to read!
I am writing it in “personal letter style.” So it’s as if I am writing you a personal letter, and that means an informal format, no rules. I am actually composing on an email letter format, so that is familiar and comfortable to me. Also practical, because as I write a blog, I can mail it to myself where it is safely backed up and easy to find.
For many years I have been noticing that the over 50 (and now I am over 60) demographic is not well served with products for us, and we are not marketed to.
Quick, think of a product that is marketed to people over 50. In fact, please tell me what you think of in the comments, below.
Now is the time for us to create our own “CraigsList type of Universe, where we fun over 50 Twifties can get together and chill out, and help each other. So many of us have skills to share that other people in our age group need. It’s a win-sin situation if we can work it out somehow.
We are a great group of people. Good conversationalists, nice manners, wholesome ways to have fun, we like book reports, (I do!) etc. And that is why Twifties was created. It’s an open source, open format online and real world group. All you have to do to be a Twifty is “Click your heels together three times and say ‘I want to be a Twifty’ and you’ll be there.”