Find great gift ideas for Baby Boomers here; fun people over 50 called Twifties.

The term Twifties was created by Lauren Traub Teton in 2010 when she looked around, as a 53-year old, and found that fun products were not marketed to her age group. In fact, it seemed that almost no products were marketed to what she termed a “huge and invisible age demographic.”

As a professional product namer, she coined the term Twifties, to name the fun people over 50 and help give them an identity and visibility. “Fifty is the new twenty…20, fifty, Twifty” is how she says the name was derived.

Lauren says:

“Twifties Gifts is a website I created because I live a vibrant, lively, social, and fun life. A Twifties Lifestyle! I want to share the products that I have found that move my life forward, and make me happy.

I sell things that I myself use! They are efficient, practical, well-made, sustainable, and well-priced. And fun!

If you have tried to buy gifts for women over 50 and gifts for men over 50 in the past you may have found it tricky. We already have a lot! Many of us are down-sizing. We are becoming less attached to “things” and more hungry for experiences. We want to keep the best items, and jettison what no longer works, in our closet, basement, and life!

Twifties.Gifts to the rescue! Gift ideas for women over 50 and gift ideas for men over 50.

I will write my blog and share my Twifties Lifestyle with you, here. And as we go along, you will see how I use the items that are available on this site to make my life a little easier and more comfortable. Let’s have fun together. Welcome to Twifties!

Lauren Traub Teton
inventor, entrepreneur, snowboarder

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