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Now is our time of life to do things we like to do!


Today I went to a Repair Cafe in my town. The 2nd one we have had. What a great group of people was there, both giving and receiving. A high vibration, VibeMatch event. Btw, I just remembered that I have a movie of THE VIBEMATCH MACHINE in use at a party, in that very room, from a few years ago. Anyway, a nice couple answered my questions about too many pictures in my phone and if you erase them on your phone after they are in the cloud, do they still exist in the cloud? (Surprisingly, NO!) The person in front of me had the same issue. The person after me spent all day at the tech table getting help with her laptop, and was most appreciative. My point is, simple tech help is a highly valued commodity amongst people who are having a tech problem, or are about to. The people who know how to fix common issues that happen on our devices, should be able to offer their services to people who need them, at a reasonable price, if this kind of work is something they enjoy. It can even turn into a gratifying and successful new later life career. Right in line with the idealogy of the Twifties Lifestyle. Now is our time of life to do things we like to do!