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Drop your Wish in the Twifties Wishing Well

by Lauren Traub Teton

Lauren models “Blanket Chic” during cool weather outdoor dining. Photo by Kenny Lee, Burger Bar & Bistro, Norwalk Connecticut

This article was first published on LinkedIn, here, in 2020. It was edited to please Yoast’s SEO algorithm on this site.

In my Twifties blog post of January 4, 2017, I invoke the “Twifties Wishing Well. As you know “Twifties” are the fun people over age 50. In fact I focus particularly around my birth year, 1956.

 The Twifties Wishing Well is where I toss my digitally written wishes for products. And for services that will make my life simpler and more efficient. And probably yours too if you are a Twifty.

Product Design in the 60s and 70s

We grew up in a time where product design and marketing strove to fill our needs, not dictate them. So let’s reclaim that ethos, let’s design and produce products to delight people like us. And to satisfy us, in the lives we live now.

 In the fertile Twifties Wishing Well, with the LinkedIn Community as nutrients, I send energy for these products and services for Twifties to sprout and manifest.

Some of the wishes from that blog post are:

 Instant Tech Help by phone $5 for 5 minutes

Flattering clothing for women as our bodies change

Let’s address our eyes and vision as it changes

A personal concierge

Twifties Sharing What Works

I envision an online gathering place where all of this information can be shared, Like a Craigslist for Twifties!

 Throw your wishes for products and services for the fun people over 50 into the Twifties Wishing Well too, by posting below, and use the hashtag #TwiftiesWishingWell.

 Watch for Lauren’s next post, titled “I just want to take a picture.”

 Lauren Traub Teton is an inventor and the creator of Twifties, VibeMatch and other products, websites, and concepts. She is available as a guest poster or blogger, and is enthusiastic about finding partners to bring the ideas from the Twifties Wishing Well to life.

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