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Meeting Your Twifties VibeMatches


OK, one more quick email to you, since you’re enjoying this, and so am I! Efficiency, that I mentioned in the first post, saves us money. If we don’t have to pay late fees, and high interest rates, and we don’t waste, we can make our resources go farther. Efficiency is a piece of Twifties Wisdom. And the Twifties Lifestyle. And efficiency is a hallmark of the items that are available here on Twifties.Gifts.

I am not censoring myself in this blog. That is why it is fun to write. Like a dear diary, but typing on my laptop is so much more pleasant than handwriting for me. So I may not always have perfect punctuation or word usage, go with it!

Twifties online is one place for the fun cool people over 50 to meet, online. You have your choice of meeting some Twifties people who are VibeMatch with YOU! by choosing the Twifties Channel on YouTube or use “Twifties” as a search word on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, where I have large presences from posting my ideas up for years! And there’s my Twifties Blog that I started back in 2008! Bring up a topic on a post, or answer one, and see who you’ll meet!

Twifties Riddle: What was the biggest birth year in US history? Take a guess, or click here to find the answer, and discuss amongst ourselves, below!


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