Twifties Gifts What? Why?

Twifties is a word that I created to describe Fun People over 50. We are not all “seniors,” and… “Baby Boomers” is a huge, broad category.

By creating the moniker “Twifties” I want to bring attention to the fact that we exist, since so few products and services are directed and designed for us, and we are practically invisible in entertainment media on TV and in movies. I was born in 1956 which was one of the biggest birth years in American history. And I focus on this and surrounding birth years.

Twifties Gifts is a site I created because I live a Twifties Lifestyle, and I want to share the products that I have found that move my life forward, and make me happy.

I sell things that I myself use! They are efficient, practical, well-made, sustainable, and well-priced. And fun!

If you have tried to buy a gift in the past for a Twifty, a fun person over 50, then you may have found it difficult. Many of us are down-sizing. We want to keep the best items, and jettison what no longer works.

Now, you have . Also known as Twifties.Gifts.

I will write my blog and share my Twifties Lifestyle with you, here. And as we go along, you will see how I use the items that are available on this site to make my life a little easier and more comfortable. Let’s have fun together. Welcome to Twifties!

Lauren Traub Teton
inventor, entrepreneur, snowboarder