Water Bottle Carrier and Supplies – Twifties Outdoor Kit


Ever lose your water bottle at a  bbq party? Never again!

The Twifties Festival Kit features:

Adjustable Strap with white stitching, adjusts for tall, short, or kids-size heights
Holds any size water bottle up to 1000 ml or 33 ounces (such   as Camelbak eddy)
Secure outside pockets (2) for your phone, wallet, keys
Neoprene insulating sleeve keeps your bottle dry and cool
Twifties Pocket Flashlight for focused bright light
plastic groundcloth
carabiner hook


The Twifties Festival Kit has everything you need for comfort, convenience, and style when you go
walking,  shopping, traveling, camping, hiking, to a game, on a boat, to a music festival and a hundred other places!

Hold your water bottle and personal items in style in this smart looking insulated shoulder bag for your bottle. It has 2 outside pockets so it can hold what you need from your wallet, and of course your phone and keys too, in a pocket with Velcro closure.

Keep your Twifties Pocket Flashlight handy. You’ll also have a plastic groundcloth so you can sit anywhere, and earplugs to protect your hearing and sanity when the music or noise gets too loud.

The Twifties Festival Kit is a perfect gift for Twifties, the FUN people around age 50 and up!
It includes:

insulated shoulder bag for your bottle with  pockets
neoprene insulating sleeve for your water bottle
Twifties Pocket Flashlight
plastic groundcloth

carabiner hook

You can even fit a wine bottle in it.  We also sell Picnic Porta-Bar and Quick Wine Chiller for the outdoor party season, here. They make great gifts for yourself or your Twifties Friends and Family.

We can help you with your birthday and holiday gift lists too. Use our handy app to list the dates and people you want to gift, and we will remind you in plenty of time and make it simple for you!


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